Connect Society & Business through Communication.

Kohei Hirota has studied as an exchange student in New Zealand during his 2nd year of high school. Except that time period, he was growing up in Osaka, Japan until the age of 18. Currently he is a junior, studying international marketing at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) and proceeding to work in a global, upscale environment. Moving to APU was perfect fit for him because he is passionate about marketing and people. The cultural diversity of APU made him an open-minded and outgoing person. In 2015 his marketing strategy led to achieve 175% of sales target in a university event. Additionally, in 2016 he worked in Audi and Dell as an intern where he worked on projects on brand quality management and market research. He thinks marketing is all about communication with customers which shapes his behavior as a marketer. In his leisure time he often explores nature and enjoy photographing and painting. Through the art works he learns story-telling, an element of marketing.